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Book a Private Charter Sailing Adventure on Maui

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About GungHo Sailing

With lifelong sailors Captain Keahi Ho and Captain Marty Bishop at the helm, we offer unique set of private charter sailing adventures on Maui including Day Sails and Sunset Sails from 2 to 4 hours long, for up to 6 people.

We’re here to help you experience Maui in the most inspiring way and share all our knowledge. Sailing involves feelings of freedom, relaxation and being in sync with nature.

We are also committed with out planet and our GungHo sails with its motor off 95% of the time and we use much less fuel than other tour companies in Hawaii.

Next to this, our tours groups are small to give an incredible experience to our guess while keeping minimal impact on our reefs and fragile ecosystem.

Sail Maui with the best!

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Sailing without a care in the world!

Ever wanted to sail amongst the Hawaiian islands, but only do what you’re capable of or nothing at all? This is your sailing charter! Keahi is amazing and makes sure you get a great experience, so long as the wind cooperates!

– Jillian F., TripAdvisor
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An amazing sailing experience

Keahi was not only professional, but extremely kind and personable. It made for a unique experience that’s isn’t the norm in the best way possible. If you want to have something memorable and something different, I fully recommend GungHo Sailing.

– Roberto V., TripAdvisor
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As opposed to the typical cattle herd tours on the big catamarans where you're motoring at least half the time, this is a 6 person affair, the sails are up and you're actually sailing. So if you're in Maui because you like the local island feel, go local and support GungHo sailing.

– Jeremy L., TripAdvisor
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Actual Sailing!

If you want to actually help sail, then this is the experience to book. This is literal hands on sailing with an experienced, calm, and professional captain. I would absolutely do this again - I would book even more time.

– Alex, TripAdvisor